A community of redeemed sinners; Following Jesus Christ;   Proclaiming the gospel of grace; Loving our Lord and one another.



Church Is Where People Learn How To Live. Together.

The early church was made up of people who normally had very little to do with one another, and sometimes they purposely avoided one another. The Jew / Gentile divide was as great, or greater, than anything we face today that keeps one person from a positive, rewarding, mutually beneficial, and enjoyable relationship with others.

It isn’t easy. Christians have to overcome the same problems of pride, envy, and other sins, plus the same irritations and personality conflicts found everywhere. Church is where we purposely learn the art of living together.

Grab your Bible and read Ephesians 4:1-3. You’ll read God’s answer to getting along with people. Elements like tolerance and patience, even love for others, doesn’t happen naturally or automatically. They require real work.

It’s at church where you learn about God’s love for us, even when we were pretty unlovable. We learn about Jesus’ sacrifice for us, when we deserved nothing at all. The divine examples of the Father and His Son show us the kind of thinking, the attitudes, and the behaviors that create community. Church is like a laboratory where you get to learn and test, to prove in your own life what God can do.

Is any church perfect? No! In fact, most of the New Testament was written to Christians (churches!) Who frequently created a mess of things. The good news is that God forgives when we repent, God restores us when we confess our faults, and God keeps us together as a family when we forgive one another.

Church is where you can find people who have the same sins, same problems, same stresses, same blunders, failures, and life-wrecks that you have. Together, we yearn to move away from all those negative things to a higher calling in Christ. Community means that we’re here to help one another.

Some have said, “I don’t like church because I don’t get anything out of it.” That may be very true, but whoever said that might have missed the other reason to go to church and that is to give something to those who need it. Those who give usually discover they also receive what they need.

Church can do you a lot of good. You can do a lot of good for the church. That’s the basic idea in the word “community”. It’s a together kind of thing. When we invite you to “join” us, we’re asking you to come participate with us. Come on!