News Article 2
A community of redeemed sinners; Following Jesus Christ;   Proclaiming the gospel of grace; Loving our Lord and one another.



[Teaching ministries cont.] . . . opportunities for those who want to become teachers. We even provide college level courses to deepen your own knowledge and equip you to be a better teacher. Even if you just want to start out as a teacher’s helper, that’s a great way to find out if this role is for you. We need teachers for people in all age groups, we need men and women, so if this is an area of service that’s of interest to you, talk to us about it. We’ll help you get started, learn our curriculum and how we do things, then get going. It is greatly rewarding to help shape the mind and heart of another person with God’s word, all while growing and maturing yourself.

[Serving ministries cont.] . . . in our WINGS program (for Ladies only!) where you can help with a variety of projects sometimes serving our community, and at other times serving our congregation.

Serving ministries often get overlooked and at times it seems nobody appreciates those who put time and effort into this area. But serving is important. It’s often the way we best show the love of Jesus to people. It’s the servers who touch lives the deepest, and give people that first spark of God’s love.

Today people often forget just how important it is to show kindness to people who are living on the hard edge of life. Sometimes outsiders think that the church doesn’t care of them. It’s the servers who break down those barriers by showing them a bit of gentle love.

If a teaching role seems frightening to you, then a serving role might be just the thing you’re looking for. We can help you find it.