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Outreach is mainly focused on evangelism, although it involves trying to serve the Gulf Coast community in a variety of ways. Here are things we are currently doing to reach the people around us:

Sometimes The Personal Touch Is Best

Churches can get dependent on programs of outreach. While programs can be successful, individual Christians can forget that whether they take part in a program or not, they can be the most important factor in reaching out to others.

We still believe the most effective outreach is simply one person making a connection with another person. Whether it’s a family member, neighbor, somebody you work with, a friend, or just a person you run into who needs help, our members are the key to connecting with that person.

Our church stresses this approach. Invite people to attend church with you. Invite them to a class, to a church dinner, to anything we’ve got going on. Inviting them to a small group is a terrific way to involve them with several Christians at one time.

Everywhere you go, think of yourself as a walking billboard for church!